Diving Into York’s RED Zone: What’s New and How I’m Mixed In With It

HELLO LIONS! What’s happening peeps? Let’s have a small discussion about York’s RED Zone and what my role as a Media & Communications Ambassador has to do with it, shall we? YAAY.

OKAY SO, as you all know (or at least should know by now), I no longer am a RED Zone Ambassador, and neither are my other team members, Morgan and Chris. We’re still with SCLD (so don’t worry about that), buuuut we’re part of the new Media & Communications team! If you want to know more about the M&C team, take a quick look at the article I made about it explaining what the new position entails. 🙂

This year, the RED Zone has taken on a new look; from new happenings in the booth to an entirely new team of students! Let’s take a quick look at the summer team now!

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