Alrighty, so I’m just going to bunch my weekend into this post because it was Canada Day weekend too … so yeah, heeeeere we go!

My weekend journey started at 7am on Saturday morning. I woke up, hopped in the shower, and jumped into a bikini and a maxi dress for my day at the beach. At around 10am, the bus departed for Sandbanks Provincial Park (we took a party bus to the beach for a friends birthday, just in case anyone out there is wondering why in holy hell I was taking a bus all the way to the beach). After a number of stops, and an incredibly long journey, we finally arrived at the park. Everyone settled in, lathered on sunscreen (or drowned themselves in it, in my case), and either ran out to the field to play some ultimate frisbee or ladder ball, or headed down to the lake for some swimming. It was a fun-filled day of swimming, playing games, eating, and chilling with a bunch of friends!

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