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Alrighty, so I’m just going to bunch my weekend into this post because it was Canada Day weekend too … so yeah, heeeeere we go! My weekend journey started at 7am on Saturday morning. I woke up, hopped in the shower, and jumped into a bikini and a maxi dress for my day at the […]

Diving Into York’s RED Zone: What’s New and How I’m Mixed In With It

HELLO LIONS! What’s happening peeps? Let’s have a small discussion about York’s RED Zone and what my role as a Media & Communications Ambassador has to do with it, shall we? YAAY. OKAY SO, as you all know (or at least should know by now), I no longer am a RED Zone Ambassador, and neither […]

Why You Should Stop Being a Vegetable Behind Your Computer and Go Outside

Honestly, when it comes to summer I’m sometimes guilty of this myself, especially when it’s super hot (cause really who wants to leave their laptop and air conditioning for a sunburn and lots of sweating?). BUUUUUT, sunshine is actually a good thing! So GO OUTSIDE! Here are some tips to keep you active and having […]

Fall Courses: What Am I Doing?

Choosing courses for the year without an enrolment appointment (like in first year) can be a little tricky and confusing, so I’m here to help you all out! The first thing you will need up on your screen is your Degree Progress Report (DPR). (If you’re in a double major or major/minor program, then either bring up […]

Media & Communications Liaison: What Does That Mean?

Hey guys! So if you’re new to this blog, welcome! My name is Nikki, I’m a third year Psychology & Visual Arts student here at YorkU, and I’m loving it! I currently work at SCLD (Student Community and Leadership Development), and I just came into a new position which I will be talking more about […]