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My (Not-in-Canada) Canada Day!

I did a bit of a bad thing this weekend…I left the country during Canada Day. I know what you’re thinking - Why, Chris? Why leave this beautiful country on the most important day of the year? Whyyyy? Relax, folks – I promise I had a good reason. For my family and I, July 1st has never just been Canada Day. In […]

Path? What Path? Ohh.. My Favourite Social Media Platform Called Path!

Hey everyone! As you know this week’s blog theme for the Media & Communications team has been about expressing our love for our favorite Social Media Platform. 🙂  I myself have a hard time picking just one out of the many apps that I use daily. I mean how can you?! How can you choose just one […]

Gifs, gifs and more gifs!

In today’s segment, we will be discussing what our favourite social media platform is. For me, this was tough because I am obsessed with social media and have every popular social media platform possible and just love all of them! Yes, I have a slight problem… But anyways, my favourite platform is….. ……   Continue […]

I’ve Pinned A Winner!

As you may have already guessed from Morgan’s blog post yesterday, we at Media & Communications are discussing which social media platform is our personal favourite. Now, in my opinion, all social media platforms have their positives (and their negatives, certainly), and every platform has its own niche or function which, in certain ways, helps it to out-perform […]

My Favourite Social Media Platform Featuring My Most Popular Posts

Picking my favourite social media platform is so hard you guys. But okay I’ll do it 🙂 J’aime L’Instagram (not a french major, how’d I do?) I’m going to share a few of my most popular (most liked) photos on Instagram because they all tell a story about me. A picture says a thousand words! […]

I’m a Media & Communications Ambassador! But What Does That Mean!?

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog! My name is Jeff Thammavongsa and I’m a 2nd year student going into his 3rd year at York University in Disaster and Emergency Management. I am proud to announce that I am one of your Media & Communications Ambassadors for the *new* unit here at SCLD! (Student Community and Leadership Development) Here is a […]