Paolo Di Michele

Hey there! I’m Paolo, (a.k.a P) and I’m a 3rd year YorkU/Sheridan College Design student. I joined the SCLD Media & Communications Team in Fall 2019.

Outside my work in design, I'm an active performance musician among many other things. I hope to pursue all my ambitions someday. I'm a big foodie and a huge comic book/pop culture nerd whomst loves learning new things on the go.

Honestly, if you combine Brandon Urie, Grant Gustin and Andrew Garfield with a touch of Alessia Cara, you'll get me.

I joined SCLD to enter a community of hard-working, committed and diligent individuals like myself, so that I could thrive and feel content through my time at YorkU. You'll often find me working hard (or hardly working), jamming out to my crazy broad taste in music whilst passing by the Media & Communications office.

My experience spans from all things photography, film, production, music, first aid, sketch work, creative writing, design, and then some!

Name: Paolo Di Michele
Year: 3rd Year
Program: Design (YSDN)
College: Winters
Position at SCLD: Media & Communications Ambassador
Favourite Quote: "Sometimes I'll start a sentence and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way." -Michael Scott (The Office)

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